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Have you considered the Power of tax deferred savings within the Global Retirement Solutions 401(k) Plan?

Global Retirement Solutions, in partnership with Fidelity Investments, is proud to offer you an important benefit to allow you to conveniently save for retirement. Fidelity offers quality service, interactive and educational tools, as well as a variety of investments and people to help; we believe that Fidelity can help you retire well. As an employee, you are eligible to join the Global Retirement Solutions 401(k) Plan, which allows you to conveniently save for retirement through your paycheck. The money you choose to save, you’ll pay no current taxes on those amounts as well as defer taxes on the investment earnings until you ultimately take your money out of the plan.

The following are just some of the benefits of the Global Retirement Solutions 401(k) Plan:

  • Minimal eligibility requirements to join the plan
  • Savings flexibility: You may start, stop or resume your contributions at any time
  • Your benefit is always 100% vested
  • You may borrow from your account through a plan loan
  • You have access to institutional money managers.

Below is additional information regarding The Plan. For additional details, including investment information, please contact Fidelity either on-line or over the phone, at, or 800-835-5097 virtually 24 hours a day with representatives available from 8:30 AM ET – 8:00 PM ET

Plan Highlights:

  • Eligibility Requirements: You are eligible upon completing 1 hour of service
  • Contributions: You may save up to 90% of your salary within the below chart limits
  • Rollovers: You may rollover previous retirement accounts to the Plan; certain conditions apply
  • Withdrawals: You may take money out of the plan under certain conditions, such as retirement, termination of service, disability, death and financial hardship. Taxes and Penalties (if applicable): If you are younger than age 59 ½, a 10% federal penalty, plus state penalties, may apply

Contribution Limits: The following chart contains the IRS contribution limits, which is the maximum dollar amount you may save to the plan (total allowed for 401(k) per calendar year - all plans, all employers); additional restrictions may apply:






Under 50





50 & Over





Statements: Various period statements can be printed from your personal computer. The default option is "eDelivery" found at – (name and password registration required). To receive a mailed statement each quarter, do not select the eDelivery option.

Contact Information:

If you’re already a member of The Plan and would like to make a change to the amount you’re currently saving, or would like to start or stop contributions, please log on to and register your request.

If you would like to make an investment change, request a loan or distribution, or all other questions, please contact Fidelity via or (800) 835-5097. Global Retirement Solutions 401(k) Plan can be reached at (310) 356-2894.

Thank you.
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